Little Nivan

Little Nivan provides a warm, welcoming and safe environment for children aged from two years to three years old. In September '18 the nursery will be available for two mornings a week, Tuesday and Thursday. More mornings may be added at a later date if there is the demand and the staff.


The Little Nivan staff have many years of appropriate experience and training to ensure this young group have a warm and nurturing start to their nursery career. They provide an environment which is appropriate for the age group and where the children can flourish, build confidence, learn at their own pace and make new friends. The staff/child ratio is 1:4 . 

Our Aims

Little Nivan was originally created especially and thoughtfully to give the younger children more time and their own space to grow in confidence and ability, forming good relationships and bonds before heading into the bigger space of Nivan Lodge. Our aims for Little Nivan therefore, are to provide a very nurturing, stimulating, educational and fun environment for the very youngest children in our care starting out at perhaps their first nursery. We ensure that each child will experience learning through play and will be encouraged to develop their own individual talents at their own pace, in readiness for their next stage of education.


The Curriculum

The curriculum is based on the requirements for the pre-school child's all-round development. The morning timetable is structured and designed to include all aspects of development at every session in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage as defined by the Department for Education. Three areas of special importance to this young age group and are particularly crucial for igniting curiosity and enthusiasm for learning are the Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

The four areas coloured Blue are Specific Areas through which the three Prime areas are strengthened and applied.

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

 Also included in the Little Nivan curriculum are other exciting elements; nature, music, P.E. and woodwork. To encourage awareness of cultural diversity, when appropriate we also celebrate various festivals such as Chinese New Year and Diwali.

Weekly Activities and Themes

Apart from the first week of term when there is a need to provide time and care for settling in, all nursery weeks have a theme to provide variety, education and to stimulate an interest and enthusiasm for learning more. The themes for the each term are usually published before or during the first week of nursery.

Special Events

We ensure that each term has special events that all the children can be involved in with Christmas celebrations and party, Easter Egg hunt and Summer Party. Little Nivan children will join Nivan Lodge children for some of these activities.

Ofsted Inspection Reports


Little Nivan is now integrated into the Nivan Lodge nursery space but it was registered separately when held in a different location.  You can access the Ofsted report here.